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Audio Video Solutions

Interactive Touch Panels for Educational Institutions

Designed for the educational institutions, with a variety of software platforms, perfect integration

Front interface and Stylish appearance
Excellent sound quality, extraordinary experience
A key control with a new experience
Dual system, easy to use
4K display & HD
Quality Awakening screen & Energy saving
Anti-glare glass to protect eyesight
Multi-Touch, pens follow heart

TouchBoard Education software

Our interactive whiteboard software, TouchBoard, has interactive design of materialized graphical interface, abundant tools – Curtain, Spotlight, Record playback, Camera, Measuring tool, Handwriting reorganization etc. Over 300G online education resource for all elementary and secondary classes. It supports direct notation of PPT, WORD, EXCEL files. Combining the traditional teaching and science technology teaching, it provides functions of writing, erasing, notation, roaming etc. It also has a teaching interactive Voting System, Online Education Resource, which helps the teacher with better experience.

Three operating modes to meet different usage scenario

PPT Mode

Full Screen Mode

Annotation Mode

Board & Conference Room

In today’s fast-paced commercial environment, easy access to key information and seamless communication are fundamental to enabling management and teams to operate more effectively.  The ever-increasing demands on businesses to increase their output, whilst keeping time and travel costs down, is driving more organizations to invest in an effective boardroom Audio Video Solutions (AV solution).


Conference rooms and boardrooms have long been a key space within a business environment, where people can meet, share, collaborate, update, brainstorm and make decisions, face-to-face, in a comfortable and professional environment.

Our experts ensure that you have the right conference room & boardroom Audio Video Solutions (AV solution). so you can have a high-quality conference room audio, video conferencing, lighting, thermostats and more. With us, you can maximize the power of your meetings. The right boardroom and conference room audio video design and installation with us will guarantee that you and your team aren’t spending too much time trying to make technology work or getting a client’s time wasted.

Video Walls

Showcase your business with the versatility of a LED video walls or LED video panels. Create stunning visuals by designing a vibrant retail store display on the video panel & reach out to large audiences easily. When you want to stand out from the rest, use a video wall to deliver your message across. If you’re looking for a well-known LED video panel supplier in Qatar for your next event / advertisement then, look no further.

We provide symmetric and asymmetric, high-resolution video wall solutions at the most affordable prices to suit both indoor and outdoor requirements. Being highly flexible, these LED video panels can be assembled and programmed to accommodate any content requirement for applications ranging from advertising to creating public awareness and command centers.

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Public Address System and Voice Evacuation

Our public address and voice-alarm systems range from the most advanced systems in IP technology and digital public address equipment, for large and complex facilities with certified EN-54 equipment, to more basic small and medium analog solutions for playing ambient music, always trying to achieve suitability, reliability and ease of use by the end user.


SPARC TECHNOLOGIES is excited to introduce a premium innovative product 20 BAY AC Clean & Charge Cart for Laptops & iPads. A one stop for all your Laptop and iPad charging needs.

Store, charge, disinfect and clean up to 32 devices together and move them from one office or classroom to another conveniently.
Our product has UV-C ultraviolet germicidal properties, which protects devices against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, molds & mites. It provides a thorough cleaning and decontamination. The unit has an intuitive cooling system which prevents overheating & promotes a more efficient charge. This is a perfect charging solution for devices across all industries.