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SPARC’s Corporate e-Banking Support (EB Support) caters to the various technical and coordination requirements needed in implementing and extending e-access of a Bank’s corporate Clients. We are a one-stop-shop providing technical support and implementation solutions desk customized for your e-Banking offerings.

The support services can either be delivered from a Bank’s own premises or fromSPARC’s offices.

SPARC’s trained techno functional banking professionals in domains such as Payments, Cash Management, Trade, Treasury, etc, and a track record of 99% service availability/SLA adherence, SPARC today supports most of the established & reputed banking institutions in their e-Banking implementations.


E-Banking Support Services
Corporate e-Banking Support

The Outcome:
1. Sustained cost benefits through a proven solution model
2. Reduced call drops & quick turnarounds due to Client focus
3. MIS that facilitates detection of frequent problem areas
4. Continuous improvement programs ensuring quality
5. Knowledgebase of frequently occurring problems and solutions
6. Increase in Bank’s Client base, in turn, providing increased revenue to the bank
7. Goodwill and reputation of the Bank’s e-Banking products

Electronic Banking Services

Pre Sales & Product Implementation

Pre Sales & Product Implementation

As an extended sales arm of a Bank, SPARC helps play a techno functional role & assists the product sales team of the Bank. SPARC helps answer technical queries posed by a client in the pre sales phase. In the implementation stage, SPARC staff plays a key role in coordinating with the Bank’s Implementation Team and the Bank’s Client for ensuring correct Access, Activation and the First Time Setup. SPARC also plays a key role in helping a Client to use the application, ensuring proper handholding for a smooth and trouble free First Transaction.

Post Implementation Training

Post Implementation Training

Product training for end client on Banking products and creating user and technical documentation

Support Desk

Support Desk

Handling client queries, tracking & resolving complaints, maintenance, troubleshooting, coordinating IT meetings, MIS and reinstallations within predetermined TAT by SPARC staff on behalf of the Bank through channels like phone, email, remote connections, web meetings or even site visits. SPARC also does Transition, Migration Testing & Implementation Testing for client’s Accounting/ERP systems to new systems.

Bank Support E-Banking

Bank Support

Data & Converter Development/Integration Services between the Bank & Client’s IT systems with focus on payments integration, continued support services to enhance and maintain the interfaces, custom file mapping interfaces etc.