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Structured Cabling –
UTP / Fiber Optics

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is one of our core competencies and we focus on the Design, Construction, and Maintenance of indoor and outdoor UTP and Fiber Optic cabling for Data, Voice (IP), and other purposes (Video, Access Control, and even big complex building management systems).

SPARC has a range of products and systems, which are designed and engineered to maximize the uptime of Network Infrastructure within enterprises. We carry out Cable Installation, Cable Terminations, Cable Testing, Fault Finding, Technical Support & Assistance, Testing of existing

Structured Cabling Company
Structured Cabling Companies in Qatar

We have professional and well-trained employees, latest equipment to blow, join (fusion splicing) and measure (OTDR) Fiber Optic cables as per standards.

Switches and Firewalls

Switches and Firewalls:

We are authorized resellers for Cisco products and we have Certified Technicians to install, configure and manage Core, Distribution and Access Switches, Firewalls, and Telecommunication Systems.

Structured Cabling & Fiber Infrastructure

Supply and installation of all hardware at Work Area:

Laptops, Servers, Printers, Copiers, Scanners etc.

UTP Cabling

UTP Cabling

(Cat-6, Cat-6a, Cat-5e) for Computer Points (Data) and Telephone Points (Voice)

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic Cabling

Cable Installation, Fusion Splicing, Fault Finding

Anti-spam and Antivirus

Internet and Email:

A good Internet connection with backup can be provided along with Enterprise Email Service with Anti-spam and Antivirus facilities at the service provider level.

Wide Area Network / VPN

Wide Area Network / VPN:

Connect your entire Branches/Suppliers/Remote offices/Mobile workforce securely to your HO or central IT systems and manage your IT centrally or deploy VoIP or Video Conferencing.

VoIP, Video Conferencing​


VoIP, Video Conferencing​

Infrastructure Management:

Infrastructure Management:

When you choose our Infrastructure Management Services, your critical staff can focus on deploying new services and focus on revenue-generating initiatives. Whether we remotely manage some or all of day-to-day IT infrastructure operations – or deliver Project specific consulting, design and implementation services – our expertise and service offerings ensure peak system performance and availability. You can choose remote managed services, professional services or a combination of both.

Infrastructure Services



AMCs & Preventive Maintenance

Switches and



Control Systems

Security & Backup