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Vulnerability Testing

Vulnerability Assessment provides valuable insight about vulnerabilities/loopholes in customer IT infrastructure, where systems are exposed and vulnerable to internal/external attacks. We also provide recommendations and improvements to help customers in identifying weak links and mitigating threats. It helps organizations who wish to acquire and maintain industry regulation like (PCI-DSS, OWASP, BS7799, HIPAA and OSSTMM).

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Our penetration services mimic an attacker to gain access into your network/servers by exploiting vulnerabilities that may exist, any bypass mechanisms to get into your network/infrastructure, with the intent of finding and reporting any confidential data found, unauthorized access to machines and other sensitive information. It helps organizations in preventing intrusions, external/internal attacks, financial loss, achieving & maintaining regulatory compliance & protecting brand, goodwill & customer confidence.

Application Assessments

Application Assessments

Our team has core expertise in Linux/Windows security and networking products development, both software and hardware based. We bring in experience derived from working at big organizations on large-scale products including security systems and networking products. We offer quick prototyping for any security product idea to maintenance and feature enhancements of large products.

Architecture Review

Architecture Review

Network infrastructure and architecture are foundation on that all other aspect of security relies on. Security is an essential and critical component of the network design. A well thought out and secure network design allows better/scalable network segments, well defined access control, better logging and monitoring and removal of single point of failure. Our security architecture review service provides a detail evaluation of your organization’s current security architecture. The service identifies network and design architectural weaknesses in security, performance, scalability, and extensibility.

Source Code Audit

Source Code Review Audit

A possibility of exploiting or manipulating software-coding errors, which may cause denial of service attack or circumvent all security controls of the system, becomes a great concern when dealing with customer/confidential data. An organization cannot afford the loss and downtime that may affect the business continuity and trust of their customer.

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